Edmonton transporting

Edmonton transporting

5 Questions To Ask A Edmonton Transporting Company

When we are in the process of meeting with an Edmonton transporting company, there are a wide range of questions that need to be asked before we can be confident that we are receiving the best possible service. Selecting the best Edmonton transporting company for our needs is not always easy but we are here to help.

The time has come for a closer look at the most important questions that must be asked of any transporter that we are considering. Read on to learn more about the five questions to ask your prospective Edmonton transporting company.

1) Are Free Estimates Offered?

Any transporting company that is worth our while should be able to provide some sort of estimate and these estimates should also be given out free of charge. A company that is willing to charge their customers for estimates is typically not a company that is confident in their ability to offer top notch service. Free estimates are a standard of the industry and we do not need to settle for less under any circumstances.

2) Will These Quotes Include All Costs?

Before we decide on a transporting company to assist us, there are a few things that we need to know. The aforementioned estimate must be provided with all of the costs included upfront and if it does not? This is a sure sign that we need to locate a different transporting company to assist us with all of our most crucial needs.

3) What About Your References?

This is a question that is often asked but many of us fail to follow up on the answers that we receive. For example, a company may direct us to their online reviews. This is not acceptable and these reviews may even be written by paid employees. If the references are not past customers that are able to be contacted in a direct manner, this is not a transporting company that should ever be trusted under any circumstances. Online reviews are simply too easy to manipulate.

4) What Are The Payment Options?

Edmonton transporting services will usually ask their clients for at least a partial deposit before the services are rendered and this is standard operating procedure. While this is more than acceptable, we would like to remind readers that no reputable transporter is ever going to ask for a full payment before the item has been shipped. This is a major red flag and should definitely be treated as such.

5) How Are Customer Complaints Handled?

Even the best companies make mistakes sometimes and no one is perfect. That’s why we need to select transporting companies that are willing to step up to the plate and address their mistakes as soon as they are made. Are their customer complaints handled in a timely fashion or do they force their clients to wait for extended periods of time before their concerns are actually addressed? Find out the exact process by which these concerns are handled so that we are fully aware of what to expect.


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