Charlotte Porsche IMS Bearing Replacement

Porsche IMS Bearing Replacement

Customer brought is his Porsche for an IMS bearing replacement as preventive maintenance. These bearings are highly known in the Porsche world to fail due to poor design from factory. Luckily for this customer he’ll never have to worry about his IMS failing and will have peace of mind for many miles to come.

Why do IMS bearings fail?
One of the most common reasons for IMS bearing failure is due to the lack of lubrication from factory. The bearings are submerged in oil during normal operation or are partially submerged with splashes of oil. This will often cause the bearing seal to become compromised by allowing dirty engine oil into the lubrication process and resulting in excessive wear on the ball joint of the bearing which eventually will lead to failure.

What if you ignore replacement?
If your IMS bearing replacement is ignored and fails this can or will cause complete engine failure. This means you will need to source a new engine which can become quite costly. And in most cases when you do purchase a replacement engine you will still need to update your IMS bearing as it will probably have a factory bearing.

Warning signs of replacement
A few warning signs can include finding metallic debris in oil filter during oil change or you may begin to hear a metallic knocking sound coming from rear of engine.

Porsche Models Prone to Failure:
1. All 986 Boxter’s
2. 987 Cayman
3. Boxter models up to engine number 61504715
4. 996 models (excluding GT and Turbo)
5. 997 3.6ltr M96/05 (up to engine number 6950745)

If suspect your IMS bearing is failing then it’s time to give Euro Cars Southend a call and schedule an appointment to replace and upgrade your IMS bearing before it’s too late.